About Us

Faith   Community   Healthfulness

Cofounders, Ashley and Magan, have been supporting each other in their journey of motherhood. They were comforted by the support of each other through the different phases of motherhood. The support sparked an idea to start a business to encourage and help all moms. Ashley and Magan didn't know how they were going to help moms, but knew mothers needed the support they have given to each other.


With restored faith Ashley and Magan started a forty day prayer challenge. By reading, praying, and listening, MommaTag evolved. 

MommaTag is a space for all mothers in all stages of motherhood. We join moms through TaggerTalk Workshops, where women can ask questions among peers going through the same phase of life or to someone who has already been through a similar phase and has wisdom to share with the community.

Focusing on faith, building a community, and restoring healthfulness we at MommaTag hope women feel supported and loved.