MommaTag's Commitment to You 

Uniting moms through TaggerTalk workshops, where women can ask questions among peers going through similar phases of motherhood. We talk about everything from prebaby to empty nesting. 

So What is a Tagger Talk?

TaggerTalks are zoom calls with other Mommataggers! A talk is roughly an hour; we get to talk with each other and we discuss phases of motherhood good/bad; kind of like a live/interactive podcast. We are creating a community for all mommas, whether they are first timers or experienced mommas, to give support and wisdom to each other. There is no fanciness to it, it’s raw, and kiddo interruptions are expected and welcomed.

How you can submit a question or request a TaggerTalk subject:

Have a topic that would be helpful to you? Just send an Email to or contact Ashley or Magan directly.

How do I participate?

When you sign up for a TaggerTalk, with the book now button above, you get the link emailed to you and all you have to do is join at the scheduled time. If you miss it that is okay, we have all out talks posted on our website. TaggerTalks






Is a boss at life. She is a Full-Time working mom and lives in a house where she is outnumber by men. She loves chaos but also enjoys her moments of peace.




Gets things done. She is a full-time working mom that never dreamt about having a kid, however life happened. Now she loves the adventure and fullness of her new journey.

  • Mommas we are so excited to talk to Cathy about meal prepping!